Real Estate Litigation

Real estate is an expensive asset. Disputes involving real property can linger and cause bitterness with neighbors, landlords, tenants, and lenders.  

Litigation involving real estate is specialized and demands a comprehensive understanding of business, finance, real property rights, and litigation.

We have successfully represented clients in a variety of residential and commercial real estate disputes including prescriptive easement and adverse possession claims, lending and investor disputes, commercial landlord/tenant disputes, boundary disputes, purchase and sale transaction disputes, and title claims.

Our attorneys represent a broad array of clients including owners, landlords, lenders, investors, brokers, developers, and homeowners associations.

In each case we strive to achieve the right solution for our clients and the dispute, whether that is a mediated settlement or a lengthy trial.

I ran to the courthouse to get a temporary restraining order in a residential property line dispute that didn't involve a lot of money because I believe strongly in defending my clients' rights and helping them achieve their goals as efficiently as possible. –‚Äč FWW Attorney Kim McGair